Every Voice and Sing
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Program Title: Every Voice And Sing! (Episode 3)
Total Program Length:00:59:00
Contacts:Eric V. Tait, Jr. (Producer)212-694-2218

00:00:01INCUE"This program is made possible by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and the Ford Foundation."
00:20:30OUTCUE"...and he asked me to come to Fisk. This is Every Voice And Sing! I'm Michele Norris."
  (30-second music bed for ID)
00:21:00INCUE(HAMPTON CHOIR) "We caught up with George H. Adams (a 1956 graduate of Fisk and former..."
00:40:30OUTCUE(DELTA RHYTHM BOYS) "This is Every Voice And Sing! I'm Michele Norris.
  (30-second music bed for ID)
00:41:00INCUE(DELTA RHYTHM BOYS) "Frederick Hall's seminal Dillard University student quartet traveled widely."
00:59:00OUTCUE"For more information about this Series and the Choral Music Legacy of the Historically Black Colleges and Universities, visit us at: www.evted.org." (Piano theme music to end)

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